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Our Difference

What makes us different than other CPA firms?  First, we have defined our mission and work towards upholding it everyday.  Second, we have a unique way of looking at our professional responsibilities; which, we believe separates us from other CPA firms.

  To form personal, sincere, caring relationships with our clients that honor their needs and well being.
  To help our clients attain financial peace of mind through proper tax minimization and compliance, sound financial advice and risk management. 
  To help our clients define their financial goals and formulate a comprehensive plan to realize those objectives.
  To always treat our clients professionally, thoughtfully, and ethically.

At Bradley Epstein, CPA we employ a holistic approach to the service we provide to our clients.  Our goal is to be involved in all of our client's financial decisions, not just in the preparation of their tax returns.  While we do have some clients that strictly need a tax return prepared, many of our clients find this holistic approach valuable and unique.  We believe we can provide valuable assistance in all areas of your financial world, including: taxes, accounting, budgeting, financial planning, risk management, estate planning, gifting, college funding, and milestone planning, just to name a few.  Although we do not perform some of these services, we believe our clients find it valuable to work with these other experts and provide objective advice to our clients.


We try to provide our clients with professional services that they believe are valuable to their business and individual tax, accounting and general financial well being.  We believe we can achieve this using two simple principles - providing guidance to increase cash inflow and providing guidance to decrease cash outflow.  We believe in providing comprehensive solutions to our client's financial situations that address:

  • Increasing revenue and other income 
  • Decreasing expenses and taxes
  • Managing risks facing a business or individual

We believe the majority of CPA firms have focused solely on historical data and have neglected their clients by not providing adequate tax and general financial planning.  In our opinion, this planning element is at least as critical as preparing tax returns and financial statements. 

At Bradley Epstein, CPA we strive to provide you and your business with timely and accurate services which you find valuable.  We believe we can accomplish these goals by: 

  • Obtaining a thorough understanding of your unique accounting and financial situation
  • Providing proper tax planning and accurate tax preparation
  • Facilitating your accounting process and tasks
  • Planning properly for life's milestones
  • Offering sound, professional advice
  • Providing comprehensive solutions
  • Forming a professional "team" of attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals (when necessary)